Global Sustainability Board

The Global Sustainability Board (GSB) is a leading independent body dedicated to promoting and recognizing sustainability performance and best practice worldwide. It administers certifications and verification services across a wide spectrum of issues to support climate resilience and human well-being. GSB’s mission is to bring transparency to claims on sustainability by assessing and verifying their performance through third-party verification services.

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Green certifications meeting global standards of excellence.

Energy Centers Certification

Evaluating energy performance and efficiency of District Cooling Plants (DCPs) and onsite chilled water systems.
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Buildings Energy Label

Assessing and labeling energy efficiency of building projects.

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Healthy Building Label

Recognizing buildings that prioritize occupant wellbeing.

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Indoor Air Quality Certification

Ensuring high-quality indoor air for occupants’ health and comfort.

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Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Certification

Assessing and verifying GHG emissions to promote environmental transparency and accountability.

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Buildings Water Label

Enhancing water efficiency in building projects.

Green Events Tool (GET): Evaluating the environmental performance of events.

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Events Carbon Neutrality Certification

Evaluating the environmental performance of events.

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Products Ecolabeling

Ecolabeling building and construction products.

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Certifications issued by GSB