GSB provides a diverse array of credentials, accredited by GORD Academy, designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively implement and assess the prerequisites essential for projects/products to earn GSB certifications.

Accredited Energy Practitioner (AEP)

Accredited Energy Practitioner or AEP designation authorizes professionals to perform energy audits during operations stage for buildings. It equips individuals with knowledge and expertise to assess energy use and find ways to minimize energy consumption.

Accredited Energy Manager (AEM)

Accredited Energy Manager or AEM designation represents advanced level of competence and expertise in the field of energy auditing during building operations stage. It is awarded to individuals who demonstrate outstanding knowledge and expertise in energy auditing, in addition to understanding the associated energy savings opportunities (ESOs) and their financial implications.

Accredited Water Auditor (AWA)

Accredited Water Auditor or AWA accreditation authorizes professionals to perform water audits during operations stage for buildings. It equips individuals with knowledge and expertise to assess water use and find ways to minimize water consumption.

Accredited Facility Management Professional (AFMP)

Accredited Facility Management Professional or AFMP accreditation enables professionals to engage in facility management during the operational phase. Coursework specified under this accreditation prepares professionals to implement practices and strategies that ensure that facilities are operated and maintained in a sustainable manner.

Accredited Waste Management Professional (AWMP)

Accredited Waste Management Professional or AWMP accreditation is an industry recognized certification that qualifies candidates to work on waste management strategies in operational phase. The credential is designed to enable professionals to mitigate the environmental impacts through waste reduction, reuse and recycling and management of waste diverted to landfills.

Accredited Building Commissioning Professional (ABCP)

Accredited Building Commissioning Professional or ABCP accreditation certifies professionals to manage commissioning of systems as needed throughout the project life cycle to ensure that the facility is ready for occupancy while meeting the sustainability requirements prescribed by the GSAS framework.